advice for pregnant women with back pain techniques to prevent and cure it

If you are currently pregnant or you have once been pregnant, then you will agree with me that back pain is one of the problems generally associate with pregnancy. Over 60% of pregnant women population experiences this pain. Pregnant women with back pain oftentimes complain about this pain. This is mainly because of change in the contours of your body, as your baby grows within and puts on additional weight each month on the mother. This extra weight causes a change in the center of gravity of your body. Also, major hormonal changes are noticed in the early stages of your pregnancy, which is an additional cause of your back pain.
The center of gravity of your body shifts forward with the growth of the uterus. Your movements and postures style changes and this result to additional strain on your back, which causes back pain. In some cases, urinary infections which are common during your pregnancy may cause pain at the back. If your pain is acute during the early stages of pregnancy, this requires immediate attention of a professional. Try to avoid medications during pregnancy, because you are responsible for two lives. Even if you want to take medications, make sure you seek the advice of a qualified doctor.
Do not move in a lazy awkward way. Maintain a good posture by using a lumbar cushion or pillow to support yourself. Apply techniques to give good body mechanics. Muscular workouts discourage back pain. As a pregnant woman, you are not expected to stand for long periods, say while traveling and for any other reasons. Avoid changing sitting position too often. In your early stages of pregnancy, proper rest and adequate sleep is necessary. Also, avoid high-heeled shoes, because it is dangerous as it will put a lot of strain on your back. Use a low flat stool for sitting. Do not work for long in the kitchen.
Avoid tight clothing, and if you are tired avoid slumping forward, because it pushes your rib cage forward and down to the stomach. So it is advisable to be in a comfortable position while standing and keep your knees soft.
You can apply techniques at early stage of your pregnancy to help defend yourself from future back pain. You should get solutions to relief pain as fast as possible before it gets worse. This technique you seek should be methods of physical and mental re-education to reduce habitual and unnecessary tension in all your activity through awareness of balance, posture and movement. By using this mid of technique, you will know how to re-educate your muscles to work for you naturally.